Five Minutes or Less for Health Weekly Tip: Swim Safely

swim safelySwimming is a fun, active, and healthy way to spend leisure time. Take a few minutes to keep health and safety in mind to help prevent illness and injury.

  • Ask a buddy to join you when swimming so you don’t swim alone.
  • Choose swimming sites that have lifeguards.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before and during swimming.
  • Don’t swallow pool water.
  • Don’t swim when you have diarrhea. Germs can spread in the water and make other people sick.
  • Take a shower and wash your child before swimming.
  • Take your kids on bathroom breaks every 60 minutes, or check diapers every 30-60 minutes.
  • Change diapers in a bathroom or a diaper-changing area and not at poolside. Germs can spread in and around the pool.
  • Wash your hands after using the toilet or changing diapers before getting in the pool.
  • Watch children in and around water at all times.
  • Make sure to keep your ears as dry as possible to help prevent swimmer’s ear.

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Page last reviewed: February 5, 2014