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Middle School Lesson Plans - HIV / AIDS

New Lesson Plan HIV Infection and AIDS: Get the Facts PDF
This lesson plan is designed for middle school biology or life science classes and introduces human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and (acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) as a public health problem, including its modes of transmission, treatment, and prevention. Students should have covered lessons in human anatomy and physiology — specifically, organ systems, blood circulation, and immunity as a prerequisite for this lesson. Material in this plan can also be used to supplement teaching of such human biology topics.

Myth Busters: HIV Transmission PDF
This lesson is designed for 5th and 6th grade students as a scientific introduction to HIV/AIDS. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic and age of the audience, emphasis has been placed on the communicability of viruses, the distinction between a virus and a disease, and correction of misinformation associated with HIV/AIDS. This lesson plan is activity driven with quick checks for understanding throughout and a final product-based assessment.

High School Lesson Plans - HIV / AIDS

This lesson is designed for a 10th grade biology course. The lesson uses scientific research information to correct misconceptions, answer learning guides, and present posters on topics associated with HIV/AIDS. A review activity will then allow students to work together to summarize key points about HIV/AIDS, while simulating the contagiousness of a virus throughout the class.


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