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    High school lesson plan topics - Global Nutrition

    Life Does not Live by Bread Alone: A Lesson in Micronutrient Deficiencies (PDF)
    This lesson is designed for an introductory-level biology course or a food science course. The focus of the lesson is the relationship between micronutrients and the proper metabolic function of plants and humans. This lesson could also be taught as an introductory lesson in biochemistry, nutrition, botany, or ecology. Micronutrients specific to plants and to human metabolic function will be explored through research, observation, and discussion.

    Operation MINI (Micronutrient Need Intervention) (PDF)
    This lesson is designed for a high school biology, food science, or anatomy class and emphasizes the real-world applications of human nutrition. Student groups will play the part of aid organizations competing for funds to assist a fictitious village that has experienced a natural disaster and is now in a food crisis. They will research various aspects of micronutrient deficiencies and the logistics involved in delivering emergency rations to a village in crisis. They will then work in groups to develop and present an intervention plan. To complete these activities, students should have prior knowledge of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) and how they help the body to function.

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