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    High School Lesson Plans - Diabetes

    Diabetes: A National Epidemic (PDF)
    This lesson is for a general biology or anatomy and physiology class. The lesson emphasizes the importance of glucose homeostasis in the body, and the effects of type 1 and 2 diabetes on glucose homeostasis by using a classroom enactment of glucose regulation in the body.

    Sugars and Fats in Our Food, Oh My! (PDF)
    This lesson can be included in a unit about nutrition and health for middle school students. Students will learn about the amount of sugars and fats in typical foods they consume. They will use food labels and various measuring instruments to determine the amount of sugar and fat in serving sizes. This activity gives students a hands-on opportunity to explore food composition in the forms of sugars and fats. At the end of the lesson, students will begin to explore the association between food choices and health outcomes like obesity and diabetes.

    Why Can't I Have Sugar? All About Diabetes (PDF)
    This lesson is designed to be part of a unit about how the body works. Students will learn about diabetes and glucose metabolism through skits and class discussion. They will assume the role of doctor and develop scripts to explain diabetes to patients and construct models of glucose metabolism to demonstrate how diabetes works. This lesson also serves as an opportunity to educate students about an important public health concern—the worldwide epidemic of diabetes.

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