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Division of Prevention Research and Analytic Methods
Inventory of Managed Care-Related Projects: 1998
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In 1998, approximately 85% of employees with health coverage were in enrolled in some form of managed health care. A growing proportion of Medicaid and Medicare sponsored health care is being provided through managed care. Enrollment levels in the largest managed care plans have now reached 15 to 20 million. The American Association of Health Plans (AAHP) recently announced that under "an agreement signed between the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the AAHP Board of Directors in December 1998, AAHP and its member plans will work with the NIH to design and implement procedures that would increase the participation of health plans and their enrollees in NIH-sponsored clinical trials."

It is in this climate of change that we present this updated inventory of CDC’s managed care-related activities. Our mission is to promote health and quality of life for all Americans by preventing and controlling disease, injury and disability. We accomplish this by working with partners throughout the United States and the world; and we continue to enjoy strong and productive ties with our traditional partners in prevention. As an increasing number of our citizens receive their health care through managed care, we have worked to develop new partnerships with the managed care industry to advance the science and practice of health promotion and disease and injury prevention. The managed care-related projects that follow, while an expansion from the 1996 Inventory, are just the beginning of what we expect will be a long and productive collaboration.

This Inventory includes 107 projects funded primarily in Fiscal Years 1996-98, listed in the Table of Contents by Center, Institute or Office (CIO) and organized beginning on page 103 in one or more of the following categories:

  • Research - 52 projects
  • Prevention Effectiveness Guidelines - 13 projects
  • Medicaid and Managed Care - 14 projects
  • Quality - 20 projects
  • Partnerships - 20 projects
  • Capacity Building - 13 projects
  • Case Management - one project
  • Surveillance - seven projects
  • Information Systems - 12 projects

This compilation is intended as a reference for parties interested in the growing collaboration between the managed care and public health sectors. Phone numbers of the principal participants are generally included in each project description. A key to acronyms and alphabetized address listings of contacts are included in the appendices. While we have made every effort to be inclusive; we have undoubtedly missed some activities. We will be happy to learn about them or answer any questions. Please contact Kenneth Schachter, MD, MBA; Medical Director, Office of HealthCare Partnerships; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; 4770 Buford Highway, M/S K73; Atlanta, GA 30341, Phone (770) 488-8186, Fax (770) 488-8462

Kuttner, Robert, The New England Journal of Medicine, January 21, 1999, pp 248-9.

Reuters Health Information Services, "AAHP, NIH form collaboration to increase HMO coverage of clinical trials costs." Ed Winnick. 2/10/99.

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