Rewind: Audio Questions to Consider

You’ve just listened to a recording that is a series of three “overheard conversations” between parents and their teens living with epilepsy. Each conversation was “rewound” and followed by a second conversation that demonstrates one way teens think the conversation should have gone.

The recording addresses a wide range of issues and emotions that may come from parenting a teen with epilepsy. You may disagree with some of the alternatives presented in the “rewound” conversations. That’s ok – remember that the recording was meant to stimulate discussion rather than provide final solutions to the situations discussed.

Use the questions below to talk to your spouse or teen about what you heard:

  1. Did this conversation sound familiar?
  2. If you’ve ever had a conversation like this with your teen, what was the result?
  3. Can you relate to the way the teens “rewrote” the conversation? Did it teach you anything?
  4. During a parent-teen conversation, what do you think is most important to your teen living with epilepsy? (PROBE: trust, respect, empathy) What is most important to you? (PROBE: trust, respect, obedience)
  5. What could you do to improve the current style of communication between you and your teen?
  6. Who usually initiates conversations like those we heard—you or your teen?
  7. Tell us what works in the conversations you currently have with your teen.
  8. Do you and your spouse (if appropriate) approach these conversations differently? If yes, how?
  9. As with Lucy in the first scenario, how late do you let your teen stay out? When do those times change?
  10. And what about driving, have you addressed this issue with your teen? If so, how?
  11. Have you had discussions with your teen regarding medications, sports, dating, and other more typical teen issues? How did you approach them? What was the result?
  12. When and where are the best times and places to have conversations with your teen?

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