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The Epi Info™ Story

1987-1988 - Versions 2 and 3

1987 Epi Info™, Version 2, had a bound manual of 112 pages, a pulldown menu, the EPED word processor for creating questionnaires, ENTER, ANALYSIS, an epidemiologic calculator called STATCALC, EPICURVE for plotting histograms, a MERGE program, and IMPORT and CONVERT programs for file conversions.

Tables Command
The TABLES command began to offer statistical output. Note the negative chi square, probably a result of limitations in integer values in an early version of Turbo Pascal.

The first versions of Epi Info™ were distributed by Andy, Jeff, and Tony from their office. Suggestions came from users in the field and were rapidly incorporated into new versions of the software.

1988 Epi Info™, Version 3, came with a 150-page manual, enhanced statistics, and sample programs, including two outbreaks and a surveillance system. The programs and manual remained in the public domain, but copies were also marketed by a commercial firm in Atlanta --USD, Inc.-- without any special arrangement with CDC. This provided a means of distribution that did not require copying by CDC office staff or permission to distribute through government channels.

The graphing of epidemic curves was a popular feature (despite an optical illusion caused by the diagonal line pattern).