Laboratory Participation Rates and Volume

This bar graph compares the percentage of ELR volume with the percentage of labs by lab type. Large labs are 8 percent of labs, and generate 39 percent of ELR volume. Public Health labs are 7 percent of labs, and generate 23 percent of ELR volume. Hospital labs are 50 percent of labs, and generate 20 percent of ELR volume. Other labs are 34 percent of labs, and generate 18 percent of ELR volume. Federal labs are 1 percent of labs, and generate 0 percent of ELR volume

ELR Volume Percentage and Total Lab Percentage by Lab Type, Calendar Year 2013.

Of approximately 10,500 total labs (including hospital labs, large labs, public health labs, federal labs and other labs), 3,175 (about one third of the labs) were sending reports electronically in 2013. This compares to 2,864 labs in 2012.

As shown in the following graph, some lab types have more volume than others, generating a large percentage of laboratory reports from a small number of labs. Other lab types, while more numerous, send a smaller volume of laboratory reports.