Goal: 80% ELR in 2016

By 2016, 80% of laboratory reports to public health agencies (CDC, States) will be received as electronic lab reports.

A Strategy for Improving the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Activities in Public Health Surveillance (2014) pdf icon[PDF 6 pages]

This bar graph compares all report volume and electronic report volume values from 2012 with the same values from 2013. In 2012, all laboratory report volume was 18.3 million; in 2013, all laboratory report volume was 21.9 million. In 2012, electronic laboratory report volume was 11.3 million; in 2013, electronic report volume was 14.7 million
Electronic Report Volume and All Report Volume in 2012 and 2013 (Millions)

Since its origins over a decade ago, tremendous progress has been made with ELR, putting CDC on track to reach the goal identified in the CDC Surveillance Strategy to receive 80% of the volume of laboratory reporting of notifiable conditions to public health electronically by 2016. This progress has been achieved through the collaborative efforts of key partners working together across jurisdictional, vendor, association, and government sectors to overcome funding, resourcing, scheduling, and technical challenges.

During the most recent reporting period, overall ELR volume rose from 62% to 67%.

The following table and graph compare overall laboratory reporting volume and ELR volume in 2012 to the values for 2013. All volume numbers have increased, as well as the percentages of ELR.

Electronic Reports as a Percentage of All Reports in 2012 and 2013

Calendar Year All Laboratory Report Volume (Millions, rounded) ELR Volume (Millions, rounded) ELR % All Volume
2013 21.9 14.7 67%
2012 18.3 11.3 62%