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Information on how to join the CDC Meaningful Use Listserv and other groups with an interest in Promoting Interoperability Programs.

In order to monitor the rapidly evolving ‘Electronic Health Records- Meaningful Use’ space, the CDC has set up the CDC_EHR_MU Listserv.

Public Health & EHR Meaningful Use Community Space-This community provides distilled information and fosters discussion related to public health issues within the constantly evolving Electronic Health Records [EHR] ‘Meaningful Use’ domain.

The ELR Task Force was a collaborative effort between the CDC, CSTE and APHL to promote the implementation of ELR.

Many jurisdictions provide Meaningful Use web pages with points of contact for, and information relevant to, Meaningful Use.

Reportable Conditions Knowledge Management System will serve as an authoritative, real-time portal to enhance disease surveillance by providing comprehensive information to public health reporters about the “who, what, when, where and how” of reporting.

Page last reviewed: November 8, 2019