Recently Awarded Funded Research

2023 NOFO Title: CDC-RFA-CE-23-002: Grants to Support New Investigators in Conducting Research Related to Understanding Polydrug Use Risk and Protective Factors (K01)

  • Institution: New York University, School of Medicine | PI: Bennett, Allen
    Assessing the Impact of Overdose Prevention Centers as a Polysubstance Use and Behavioral Health Intervention in New York City

2022 NOFO Title: CE-22-009 – Rigorous Evaluation of Community-Level Substance Use and Overdose Prevention Frameworks that Incorporate ACEs-Related Prevention Strategies +

  • Institution: Research Triangle Institute | PI: Graham, Phillip
    Evaluating an ACEs-Targeting Advocate Model of a Substance Use Prevention Program
    • The Research Triangle Institute proposes to evaluate the established Strengthening Families Program (SFP) intervention with trauma-informed Family Advocates (FAs) who will assist families in accessing community resources using a Hybrid Type 1 effectiveness-implementation design.

2022 NOFO Title: CE-22-010 – Rigorous Evaluation of Strategies to Prevent Overdose through Linking People with Illicit Substance Use Disorders to Recovery Support Services +

2022 NOFO Title: CE-22-011 – Understanding Polydrug Use Risk and Protective Factors, Patterns, and Trajectories to Prevent Drug Overdose +

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