Diabetes Kickstart

Diabetes Kickstart. Get started living well with diabetes now.

Ready to learn the basics of managing diabetes?

Did you know that people who receive diabetes education have a lower hemoglobin A1C? They also have a lower risk of diabetes-related health complications and depression. Diabetes education saves you time, saves you money, and enhances your quality of life.

These 7 animated videos will show you the self-care steps you need to get started managing diabetes. Watch them in any order—they all include tips and strategies you can use right now.

Then ask your doctor for a referral to diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES) to learn in-depth skills and get support to live your healthiest life.

Healthy Eating

What should you eat to best manage your diabetes? A meal plan will help keep things simple and tasty!

plate of healthy food - asparagus, protein, carrots
Being Active

Being active is one of the most powerful tools for managing diabetes. Here are some ideas to get started (and keep going!).

illustration of girl with ideas on how to exercise in bubbles around her

Monitoring helps you figure out how well your treatment plan is working and if changes could help.

Elderly woman monitoring her blood sugar
Taking Medicines

Depending on your unique needs, you may take medicines to lower your risk for health problems related to diabetes.

Woman thinking about which medicines to take for diabetes
Lowering Risk

Find out simple things you can do to lower your risk for diabetes health problems.

range show low to high risk
Managing Stress

With diabetes, there are bound to be highs and lows. You can find help from your family, friends, and health care team.

illustration showing ups and downs of life
Solving Problems

Try these 3 steps to start solving problems that affect your diabetes care.

Man staring at ladder trying to figure out problem