Health care professionals across the United States agree: CDC-recognized diabetes prevention lifestyle change programs work! They can help patients improve their health and well-being, while reducing risk of type 2 diabetes. Hear from some of your peers about why they refer to CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs, and former program participants about their successes!

From Health Care Professionals

Jeanine Rosner, Registered Nurse,  Park Nicollet Primary Care Practice

Most times we think we have to shoulder all of the work and the resources around taking care of our patients and making sure they stay healthy, but this partnership with the community… really does expand our care team.

Irene Snow, MD, Buffalo, NY

 “What I would say to other colleagues… is that we saw our patients not only actively participate but be successful in the outcomes we were looking for.”

From Participants

Corrine Tiliano, 45, Program Participant

“My kids have never seen me run. And I can now. And I love it.”

Cynthia Johnson, 54, Program Participant

“It’s not about how long you live; it’s about how well you live.”
Page last reviewed: October 30, 2018