Resources for Recruiting Participants

The new PreventT2 curriculum comes with ready-to-use, and adaptable promotional materials that can be easily modified to add your organization logo and contact information.

Fact Sheet pdf icon[PDF-200KB]

Press Release pdf icon[PDF-87KB]

Live Announcer Radio Public Service Announcements pdf icon[PDF-85KB]

Sample Articles pdf icon[PDF-110KB]

Social Media Content pdf icon[PDF-77KB]

Web Content pdf icon[PDF104KB]

Testimonials from real-life program participants can also help you in your recruiting efforts. See Testimonials from Participants.

A how-to guide pdf icon[PDF-379KB] will help you put these materials to work strategically so that potential participants hear and see messages about your program through multiple channels.

If you want to develop new materials for your lifestyle change program, please refer to the Written and Visual Standards for Communicating about PreventT2 pdf icon[PDF–2.0MB].

Page last reviewed: April 2, 2018