Program Champion Strategy Toolkit

The Program Champion Strategy was designed to support existing recruitment and outreach activities for your National Diabetes Prevention Program (NatDPP) lifestyle change program. It uses current and past program participants as Program Champions to help recruit new participants into your lifestyle change program.

The toolkit includes short and direct tools and tip sheets for you and for your program champions that were developed and tested with lifestyle change program staff.

Guidance documents for Program Staff

Strategy Overview pdf icon[PDF – 782 KB] – introduces the strategy and the resources.

Quick Start Guide pdf icon[PDF – 960 KB] – describes each step in the champion strategy process, from getting buy-in to supporting champions throughout the process.

Program Champion Strategy Pathway pdf icon[PDF – 139 KB] – explains the benefits and needed resources to carry out the strategy for your organization and or program.

Recruiting Program Champions pdf icon[PDF – 527 KB] – provides guidance in identifying appropriate champions and approaching them about becoming champions.

Training pdf icon[PDF – 1 MB] – Resources for Orientation – discusses how to hold an introductory session for champions and lists training topics and handouts to help in training.

Supporting Program Champions and Keeping Them Engaged pdf icon[PDF – 1 MB] – provides suggestions on how to support Champions and how to expand the Champion activities.

Guidance documents for Program Champions

Menu of Activities for Program Promotion and Outreach pdf icon[PDF – 999 KB] – lists activities Champions can choose to promote their LCP, from easy to more complex.

Talking Points pdf icon[PDF – 288 KB] – helps Champions tell their story, describe the LCP, and answer questions.

Communication Tips for Outreach Activities pdf icon[PDF – 2 MB] – gives Champions suggestions on how to talk to potential participants, active listening, and managing the conversation.

Handling Tricky Conversations Tips for Program Champions pdf icon[PDF – 808 KB] – gives suggestions on how to answer questions that are too personal, deal with doubters, what questions they should refer to others, and how to stay on topic.

Page last reviewed: February 21, 2020