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Testimonials from Health Care Professionals

Health care professionals across the United States agree: CDC-recognized diabetes prevention lifestyle change programs work! They can help patients improve health and well-being, while reducing risk of type 2 diabetes.

Jeanine Rosner, Registered Nurse,  Park Nicollet Primary Care Practice

“Most times we think we have to shoulder all of the work and the resources around taking care of our patients and making sure they stay healthy, but this partnership with the community… really does expand our care team.”

Irene Snow, MD, Buffalo, NY

“What I would say to other colleagues… is that we saw our patients not only actively participate but be successful in the outcomes we were looking for.”

Chris Corsi, MD, Missoula, MT
“[Patients] can get their hands around it and say ‘OK, if I follow this, I’m going to be in better shape.’”

	Miguel Fana, MD, Fana Medical GroupMiguel Fana, MD, Fana Medical Group

“Send your patients for this program, have flyers all over your office. Tell your staff to tell every single patient. Print a list of everybody that has prediabetes. If 30% or 40% of those people attend this program, it’s going to change their life.”

	Michael Rosenthal Michael Rosenthal, MD, Family Physician, Wilmington, DE

“We think that the medicines and the advice we give should do it, and we sometimes don’t realize the strength that could be out there with others, like community organizations. I can order a lab, or an X-ray, or even a drug… it shouldn’t be that much harder to order a referral to [a CDC-recognized lifestyle change program] for my patient who’s got prediabetes.”

	Meghan Buhler Meghan Buhler, MD, Family Physician, Venice, FL

“[A patient] told me last week, ‘Thank you; [the program] is really enjoyable, and I’m glad you sent me there.’”

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