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What's New with the National DPP?

	Diabetes Prevention Impact Toolkit. State Employer InsurerWeigh the Costs and Benefits of CDC-Recognized Lifestyle Change Programs

To help employers, insurers, and state health departments weigh the costs and benefits of offering National DPP lifestyle change programs, CDC has developed the Diabetes Prevention Impact Toolkit .

This online tool provides estimates of a) the total cost of delivering a National DPP lifestyle change program to an employer’s, insurer’s, or state’s population; b) total health benefit resulting from the program; c) life years gained and quality-adjusted life years saved; d) cost-effectiveness of the lifestyle change program; and e) return on investment, if applicable.

Users can get results based on default values for their target population or enter customized values that reflect their own population and program experience. Users can also customize the toolkit’s results to show the most relevant data for their needs.

Know Where You Stand. Take s simple risk test at doihaveprediabetes.orgPrediabetes: It’s Real, and You May Have It

Close to 86 million US adults have prediabetes, and 90% of them don’t know it. DDT’s first-ever national public service campaign to raise prediabetes awareness is bringing the message that prediabetes is real to the American people. Public service announcements (PSAs) in English and Spanish link to a short online risk test at; the test is also available via interactive video and radio PSAs and text message. The campaign website links to the National Diabetes Prevention Program with a searchable directory of CDC-recognized programs across the country.

	Logo of the Prevent Diabetes STAT campaignLeading Voices in Health Care Launch Initiative to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

CDC has joined forces with the American Medical Association (AMA) in a multi-year initiative called “Prevent Diabetes STAT: Screen, Test, Act - Today™” to reach more Americans with prediabetes and stop the progression to type 2 diabetes.

Through this partnership, the AMA and CDC have developed a toolkit [PDF - 1.29MB] to guide physicians and other health care professionals on the best methods to screen and refer high-risk patients to diabetes prevention programs in their communities. The toolkit, along with additional information on how physicians and other key stakeholders can Prevent Diabetes STAT, is available on the initiative's website. There is also a screening tool for patients [PDF - 757KB] to help them determine their risk for type 2 diabetes.

"The time to act is now. We need a national, concerted effort to prevent additional cases of type 2 diabetes in our nation—and we need it now,” said Ann Albright, PhD, RD, director of CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation. “We have the scientific evidence and we’ve built the infrastructure to do something about it, but far too few people know they have prediabetes and that they can take action to prevent or delay developing type 2 diabetes.”

For more information, visit the Prevent Diabetes STAT website.