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The Eagle eBooks are free for you to download to your Apple or Android mobile device. You will need an eReader app to display the eBooks on your phone or tablet. Search your App Store for an eBook app, like iBooks or Kindle. Once the app is installed, the downloaded eBook should open on your device.

*Note: These eBooks are optimized for best viewing on a tablet. The Native Wellness Site cannot troubleshoot problems you may encounter with your individual device and/or app. If you are having difficulty viewing the eBook on your device, PDF versions are available: Eagle Books for Grades K-4 and Eagle Books for Grades 5-8.

Grades K – 4

Through The Eyes of The Eagle (Book 1) — Rain That Dances meets an eagle who is sad because people in the community are not as healthy as they could be, and many have type 2 diabetes. Mr. Eagle tells Rain That Dances that his people need to remember their ancestors’ healthy ways.
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Knees Lifted High (Book 2) — Rain That Dances introduces his best friend, Thunder Cloud, to Mr. Eagle. Mr. Eagle encourages the boys to be physically active every day and shows them how much fun it can be.
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Plate Full of Color (Book 3) — Miss Rabbit meets the boys’ friends, Little Hummingbird and Simon. Miss Rabbit teaches the children the value of eating a variety of colorful healthy foods.
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Tricky Treats (Book 4) — Coyote tries to trick the children into eating unhealthy foods. The children learn the importance of choosing small amounts of healthy foods for everyday snacks.
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Grades 5 – 8

Coyote and the Turtle’s Dream (Book 1) — Readers are reintroduced to the original characters, who are now in middle school. Rain That Dances and his friends meet fossil poachers and dodge traps set by the tricky coyote.
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Hummingbird’s Squash (Book 2) — Hummingbird, a 12-year-old girl, hopes to grow giant vegetables for the reservation. However, a school bully and a coyote get in the way of her fulfilling that dream.
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Trickster of Two Rabbit Mountain (Book 3) — Rain, Rain’s dad, and Boomer meet “the Two Rabbit” during a trip. They learn how small, seemingly defenseless, individuals use their wits to overcome bigger adversaries.
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Coyote and the Turtle’s Dream Graphic Novel – This four-volume, comic book–style adaptation of the original youth novel features more action, new characters, illustrations, and positive health messages.

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