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Eagle Books for Early Readers

Products available for young readers and educators include the following:

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Through the Eyes of the Eagle cover image

Order free Eagle Books to distribute in your community!

For tribal programs, order multiple copies of the Eagle Books series for children and young people through Indian Health Service.

Books for Early Readers

Through The Eyes of The Eagle

Through the Eyes of the Eagle cover image

Through The Eyes of The Eagle introduces Rain That Dances, a young boy who discovers an unhappy eagle. Mr. Eagle is tearful because many of the people in the community are developing type 2 diabetes. The wise eagle reminds the boy of his ancestors’ healthy ways.

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Download as PDF [PDF – 22.3MB]

Knees Lifted High

Knees Lifted High cover image

In Knees Lifted High, the second book, Rain That Dances introduces his best friend, Thunder Cloud, to Mr. Eagle, who encourages the boys to be physically active every day. Mr. Eagle shows how fun physical activity can be.

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Download as PDF [PDF – 7.53MB]

Plate Full of Color

Plate Full of Color cover image

Plate Full of Color, the third book, introduces Miss Rabbit and the boys’ friends, Little Hummingbird and Simon. Miss Rabbit teaches the children the value of eating a variety of colorful and healthy foods.

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Download as PDF [PDF – 21.9MB]

Tricky Treats

Tricky Treats cover image

Tricky Treats, the fourth children’s book, introduces Coyote, a trickster who attempts to trick the children into eating unhealthy foods. The children ultimately learn the importance of avoiding tricky treats when choosing foods to eat.

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Download as PDF [PDF – 7.70MB]

Download the Eagle eBooks for Early Readers

Image of an iPad and an iPhone

The Eagle eBooks for Early Readers can be viewed on your iOS (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) or Android device with an eReader. An eReader is an app that can display eBooks on your mobile device or tablet. If you do not have an eReader app installed on your iOS (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) device, search the App Store for an eReader, like iBooks. After an eReader app is installed on your device, you can download the eBook and open it on your device. The eBooks are also viewable on Kindles. Download the MOBI version. Once installed, open the eBook in your Documents folder. You may also be given the option to add the downloaded version directly to your Kindle Library.

*Note: The Native Wellness Site cannot troubleshoot problems which may be encountered with your individual device and/or app. Please download the PDF version of this resource if you have difficulty viewing the e-book in your device and/or app.

Down load the Eagle eBooks now!

Through The Eyes of The Eagle — Download [EPUB – 18 MB] | for Kindle [AZW3 – 20 MB]
Tricky Treats — Download [EPUB – 12 MB] | for Kindle [AZW3 – 12 MB]
Plate Full of Color — Download [EPUB – 18 MB] | for Kindle [AZW3 – 20 MB]
Knees Lifted High — Download [EPUB – 16 MB] | for Kindle [AZW3 – 18 MB]

Animated Eagle Books Videos

Animated versions of the four children’s Eagle Books bring the characters to life. Narrated by author Georgia Perez and voiced by children and adults from the Standing Rock Sioux tribal nation, the animated versions provide an interactive tool to engage children in healthy eating, the joy of being active, and looking to traditional ways to stay healthy and prevent type 2 diabetes. The full-feature DVD includes English, Chickasaw, Paiute, Shoshone, and Spanish languages, as well as closed captioning (English language only).

Audio Podcasts

The children’s Eagle Books are a series of four books brought to life by wise animal characters—Mr. Eagle, Miss Rabbit, and Coyote. The animals engage Rain That Dances and his young friends in the joy of physical activity, eating healthy foods, and learning from their elders about health and type 2 diabetes prevention. Created: 8/4/2008 by National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP). Date Released: 8/5/2008. Series Name: Diabetes.

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