Eagle Books Greeting Card — Writable

image of greeting card

Ideas for Use

  • Give as a gift card along with a set of Eagle Books.
  • Create your own text and send to invite others to Eagle Books-themed functions.
  • Assist children with creating their own messages as invitations or compiling cards as card sets for gifts.

Printing/Reproduction Tips

  • Use 8½” x 11″ card stock. Type copy into the boxes, save file, and print from laser printer in color or black & white, portrait orientation.
  • To print as a two-sided card: Open the file and click on the screen. At the top, select “View”. Scroll down to “Navigation Panel”. From there, scroll down to “Pages”. With the “Pages” box open, right click on “Page 2” and drop down to “Rotate” Pages. In the “Directions” box, select “180 degrees” and click “OK”.
  • 2 pages
Page last reviewed: August 5, 2021