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Ideas for Use

  • Print and send with “invitations to participate” to sponsors, donors, key participants, etc.
  • Use as incentives at a health fair or Eagle Books event.
  • Send as tokens of appreciation.
  • Provide to classrooms to encourage reading and healthy eating and exercise.
  • Make bookmarks as a classroom or family activity.
  • Give each child a bookmark along with a set of Eagle Books.

Printing/Reproduction Tips

  • Use 8½” x 11″ card stock. Print from laser printer in color or black & white. Trim the outside edges along the red lines. Slit open the red arch directly under the characters image with an exacto knife so bookmark can cling to pages if desired. Finished piece is 2¼” x 8″. Laminate if desired.
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Eagle Books CDC Bookmark – with Die-Cut [PDF – 29MB]