Road to Health Toolkit

The Road to Health Toolkit

Designed for African Americans at risk for type 2 diabetes, the Road to Health Toolkit  provides materials to start a community outreach program to help people prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. The Road to Health Training Guide  (available in English and Spanish) and the Road to Health Training Video  were developed to use with the toolkit in “train-the-trainer” workshops.

Training Guide pdf icon[PDF – 1M]
The Road to Health Training Guide  is designed for people who develop or offer “train-the-trainer” workshops and for community health workers who work with people who are Hispanic and Latino, African American or of African ancestry. Other health care professionals, diabetes educators, health educators, nurses, dietitians, and community educators can also be trained or provide training to others by using the Road to Health Toolkit. Use this guide with the training video and booklets; they are complementary resources.

Training Video
The bilingual Road to Health Training Video  is designed for “train-the-trainer” workshops. This video teaches health workers, NDEP partner organizations, and other health professionals how to use the Road to Health Toolkit. It includes activities to help you visualize and get ideas on how to conduct successful training sessions with the toolkit.

Training Video Booklet (English/Spanish) pdf icon[PDF – 2M]
This booklet describes the Road to Health video and the contents of the toolkit.

Evaluation Guide pdf icon[PDF – 1M]
The Road to Health Toolkit Evaluation Guide  helps community health workers (CHWs), diabetes educators, and other health educators assess (1) how well they have conducted their educational activities using the toolkit, (2) how their activities are making a difference in the lives of their participants who are at risk of type 2 diabetes, and (3) how they can improve their program.

Step by Step: Moving toward Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
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