Diabetes Prevention in Communities

Preventing diabetes is an important part of community-based health education. Strengthen your prevention efforts with these plain-language resources.

Materials for People at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Individuals at risk for diabetes or diagnosed with prediabetes can use these materials to learn how to prevent or delay diabetes through lifestyle behavior changes.

National Diabetes Prevention Program

Learn about prediabetes, find out if you are at risk, and prevent or delay type 2 diabetes using a proven lifestyle change program that is part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Road to Health Toolkit

This toolkit is for community health workers, diabetes educators and other health care professionals working with African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos at risk for type 2 diabetes. Use the toolkit to start community outreach programs that teach how type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed. Road to Health  materials are available in English and Spanish.

Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program for Organizations

Community-based organizations can apply to become a CDC-recognized provider of a diabetes prevention lifestyle change program.

The Art of Storytelling Webinar

Storytelling can help you increase people’s confidence that they can make positive changes and improve their problem-solving skills to prevent type 2 diabetes. Learn how storytelling can build trust and understanding between patients and diabetes educators.

Do it For Them Fotonovela

You can use this fotonovela in your diabetes prevention sessions. It tells the stories of three Latina women and their challenges and successes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. Bilingual in English and Spanish.

Page last reviewed: August 23, 2016