Hack Your Snack!

All snacks are NOT created equal. When hunger strikes, try one of these bite-size treats instead of reaching for chips or cookies. These healthy tidbits will help keep your energy high and your appetite in control. Be sure to share this page with anyone you know who wants to eat healthy, and get your daily serving of diabetes-related information at @CDCDiabetes on Facebook and @CDCDiabetes on Twitter.

Roasted chickpeas make for a crunchy protein and fiber-packed nutritional dynamo!

Fruit: the original fast food.

Pass on potatoes and say Kale Yeah to delicious and healthy kale chips

Air-popped popcorn is a healthy holiday snack and makes for a crafty diy decoration!

Mason jars are your new best friend. Try portable fruit and yogurt parfaits, or give it a veggie remix with greens, hummus, peas, or veggie sticks.

Make healthy eating an adventure! When shopping, try a fruit or veggie you've never tried before. Dragon fruit? Rambutan? Bok choy? Why not?

try edamame in the shell for a protein-packed snack.

When it comes to lunch art, the only limit is your imagination.

Page last reviewed: March 1, 2019