Value of DSMES

Did you know that people who participate in diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES) have a lower hemoglobin A1C? DSMES can also help you lower your risk of diabetes complications and depression. When you sign up for DSMES, you can get help to lower your weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Diabetes education saves you time, saves you money, and enhances your quality of life.

elderly patient talking to diabetes care specialist
Learn the Seven Self-Care Behaviors
Diabetes care and education specialists have developed seven key areas of care. Through DSMES, you’ll learn to improve your management skills in each of these areas:
  • Healthy eating
    to achieve a balanced diet.
  • Being active
    to make regular movement part of your life.
  • Taking medicine
    as prescribed by your care team.
  • Monitoring
    your blood sugar levels, activity, and eating habits.
  • Reducing risks
    to lower the chances of diabetes complications.
  • Healthy coping
    with diabetes and emotional well-being.
  • Problem solving
    to identify the problem, find solutions, and take action.
Diabetes Kickstart

Watch this video series to learn more about the 7 self-care behaviors.