Standard 8 – Ongoing Support

The participant will be made aware of options and resources available for ongoing support of his/her initial education and will select the option(s) that will best meet his/her self-management needs.

Tools to Satisfy Standard 8


ADCES Tool to Satisfy Standard 8 pdf icon[PDF – 310 KB]external icon:
This tool outlines the components needed for your application for Standard 8.

Sample DSMS Planpdf iconexternal icon
This DSMES plan lists resources to assist with ongoing support with self-management.

The Importance of Peer Supportexternal icon
This link shares ADCES resources on diabetes peer support.


DSMS Toolkit pdf icon[PDF-1.1MB]:external icon
The Diabetes Self-Management Support Toolkit (DSMS) provides information and guidance to help providers and educators meet Standard 8.

DSMS Plan pdf icon[PDF-237 KB]external icon:
This diabetes self-management support plan can be used by providers and educators to personalize and identify local resources for emotional health, nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation, support groups, and more as part of ongoing diabetes support.

Page last reviewed: January 20, 2021