Standard 6 – Curriculum

A curriculum reflecting current evidence and practice guidelines, with criteria for evaluating outcomes, will serve as the framework for the provision of DSMES. The needs of the individual participant will determine which elements of the curriculum are required.

Tools to Satisfy Standard 6


ADCES Tool to Satisfy Standard 6 [PDF – 318 KB]:
This tool outlines the components needed for your application for Standard 6.

Tools for Diabetes Educators:
This link shares multiple resources for diabetes educators.

Curriculum Outline
This is a sample of a curriculum outline and references on reducing risk with immunizations.

DSMES Curriculum Design Slides
This slide set describes the content design and delivery options of a DSMES curriculum that meets national standards.


Curriculum [PDF – 101 KB]:
This resource describes the required content for the DSMES curriculum.

Curriculum Annual Requirement Tracker [PDF – 356 KB]:
This is a sample document that could be used to demonstrate review of and revisions to the curriculum.