Standard 5 – DSMES Team

At least one of the team members responsible for facilitating DSMES services will be a registered nurse, registered dietitian/nutritionist, or pharmacist with training and experience pertinent to DSMES, or be another healthcare professional holding certification as a diabetes educator (CDE) or board certification in advanced diabetes management (BC-ADM). Other healthcare workers or diabetes paraprofessionals may contribute to DSMES services with appropriate training in DSMES and with supervision and support by at least one of the team members listed above.

Tools to Satisfy Standard 5


ADCES Tool to Satisfy Standard 5 [PDF – 330 KB]:
This tool outlines the components needed for your application for Standard 5.

Practice Levels for Diabetes Educators and Diabetes Paraprofessionals [PDF – 247 KB]:
This resource delineates the roles and responsibilities of multiple levels of diabetes educators and diabetes paraprofessionals and provides information on a career path for diabetes educators and diabetes paraprofessionals.

Competencies for Diabetes Educators and Diabetes Paraprofessionals [PDF – 341 KB]:
This document explains the purpose of diabetes educator and paraprofessional competencies that describe the minimal knowledge and skills needed across the continuum of care for the various levels of practice, and a basis for education, training, development, and performance appraisal of anyone engaged in diabetes education and support.

Community Health Workers’ Role in DSMES and Prediabetes: ADCES Practice Paper [PDF – 180KB]
This resource discusses the value of community health workers in DSMES and diabetes prevention, including roles, competencies, and recommendations for engaging CHWs.


DSMES Service Team Tracker [PDF – 340 KB]:
This link provides a sample template to track credentials for DSMES service Quality Coordinators, professional team members, and other team members.

DSMES Service Team Member and Staff Type [PDF – 357 KB]:
This document describes the types of staff in DSMES services, including professional instructional team members, paraprofessional instructional team members, and temporary instructional team members.

Continuing education unit (CEU) guidelines [PDF – 409 KB]:
This resource covers CEU requirements, providers, topics, certificates, and logs and provides examples of CEU topics that are not accepted.

Out of Scope Practice Policy [PDF – 203 KB]:
This document provides guidance when a DSMES participant’s education needs are outside of the scope of practice of the DSMES service’s team members.