Standard 4 – Quality Coordinator Overseeing DSMES Services

A Quality Coordinator will be designated to ensure implementation of the Standards and oversee DSMES services. The Quality Coordinator is responsible for all components of DSMES, including evidence-based practice, service design, evaluation, and continuous quality improvement (CQI).

Tools to Satisfy Standard 4


ADCES Tool to Satisfy Standard 4 [PDF – 323 KB]:
This tool outlines the components needed for your application for Standard 4.

DSMES Coordinator/Educator Job Description
This is a sample job description for a DSMES coordinator/ educator.

Program Coordinator/Quality Specialist Job Description
This is a sample job description for a program coordinator/quality specialist.


Sample Résumé Template [PDF – 343 KB]:
This links to a résumé template that could be used by the Quality Coordinator.

Quality Coordinator Job Description [PDF – 368 KB]:
This link provides a position description template and includes examples of task descriptions and qualifications for the Quality Coordinator position. It also provides an example of a job posting, including the job summary, duties, responsibilities, and qualifications.