Standard 10 – Quality Improvement

The DSMES services Quality Coordinator will measure the impact and effectiveness of DSMES services and identify areas for improvement by conducting a systematic evaluation of process and outcome data.

Tools to Satisfy Standard 10


ADCES Tool to Satisfy Standard 10 [PDF – 317 KB]:
This tool outlines the components needed for your application for Standard 10.

Sample CQI Plan:  Transportation Barrier
This is an example of a CQI plan on DSMES access due to a transportation barrier.

Sample CQI Plan:  Increasing Attendance
This CQI plan aims to increase attendance to DSMES by promoting awareness among providers and persons with diabetes.


CQI Toolkit [PDF – 1 MB]:
This resource explains what is required by ADA to meet Standard 10 and contains worksheets, templates, and examples of CQI projects.