ADCES and ADA Accreditation/Recognition Information


American Association of Diabetes Education (ADCES) Accreditation Informationexternal icon

ADCES Additional Sitesexternal icon:
This resource helps an organization understand what is considered a site, and what types of sites may apply for accreditation.

Diabetes Education Accreditation Program (DEAP) Pricingexternal icon:
This link provides fees for applying for ADCES accreditation.

DEAP Policies and Proceduresexternal icon:
This link connects to a webpage with additional useful information, such as DEAP policies and procedures that address specific issues (on-site audits, appeals, complaints, etc.).

Annual Status Reportexternal icon:
This links to instructions for completing your annual status report.


American Diabetes Association (ADA) Recognition Informationexternal icon

ADA Recognition Requirements [PDF – 251 KB]external icon:
This webpage includes information on who can seek recognition, what the requirements are, what to expect throughout the application process, how to maintain recognition, how to renew recognition, and the benefits of recognition.

ADA Application Checklist pdf icon[PDF – 202 KB]external icon:
This checklist walks an applying service through the application process to ensure completion of the process.

ADA Support Documentation Checklist pdf icon[PDF – 196 KB]external icon:
This checklist helps an applying service submit all required supporting documentation.

Benefits of Being ADA Recognizedexternal icon:
This document lists the benefits of being ADA recognized.

Annual Status Reportexternal icon:
This links to the annual status report required of all recognized services during the anniversary month of ADA recognition.

Quality Coordinator Guide pdf icon[PDF – 20 MB]external icon:
This guide will help services ensure conformance with all components of the 2017 National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support.

ADA Monthly Q and A Call Registrationexternal icon:
Click the link to register for the free monthly Q and A calls.

Page last reviewed: February 3, 2021