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Modify Your Program

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Ongoing evaluation gives important information that you can use to fine tune diabetes related programming to suit your employees’ needs. The size of your workforce, as well as the gender, ages, and ethnicities of employees, will influence the diabetes prevention and management information you present and the activities and services your program offers. As you achieve your goals and set new ones, you should modify program elements to keep them responsive to employee needs.

For example:

– When conducting your annual employees health risk assessment you discover that a large number of employees are planning to become pregnant or are pregnant. This discovery may lead you to plan a session or provide information related to gestational diabetes.

– Medical claims and pharmacy data indicate a significant increase in the number of employees taking medication for high blood pressure and anxiety.  This information may lead you to offer sessions and information on stress management and ways to lower blood pressure.

– Tools such as the Right Fit can help you customize your Diabetes at Work program to ensure its ongoing impact.

Aids & Tools

Know More

  1. Learn more about resources for modifying your program from these model worksite programs.

Ask More

  1. We have achieved our first year results. What are some ideas for growing our success?
    The plan for growth depends on your original goals and current needs.  For example:
    a) if your goal was to increase healthy food options in the vending machines, cafeteria and in meetings and you have determined that people choose these options you could move on to offer only healthy options.
    b) you instituted a walking campaign where employees counted steps and reported their results for prizes.  Employees loved the program. Now try walking meetings, walking clubs or the STAIRWELL to HEALTH campaign available from CDC.   
  2. Our workforce has changed. We are now very diverse. Can you recommend program elements and materials?
    First determine the cultures and languages that programming needs to relate to. The National Diabetes Education Program and many other CDC programs offer materials and resources in a variety of languages.  Work with employee and community leaders from the groups you are serving to be sure that what you offer is culturally appropriate.

Do More

  1. Share your success story.

  2. Get involved with CDC’s Work@Health Training Program.