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Diabetes and Emotional Health

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Diabetes can have a dramatic effect on the whole person. Diagnosis and management of diabetes is physically and emotionally challenging. The constant struggle to maintain blood sugars within recommended ranges can be stressful for individuals with diabetes as well as their families, friends, and coworkers.

The daily stress of diabetes management can lead to anxiety, depression and feelings of failure and isolation. Support for people with diabetes from their health care team, family, friends and  work colleagues is vital for overall health.

Learn more about depression and diabetes and how to support employees with diabetes from Diabetes at Work.

Emotional Wellbeing Lesson Plan

The NDEP also has valuable support and behavior change resources at Diabetes Health Sense.

Aids & Tools

Know More

  1. Take the Diabetes at Work: What’s Depression Got to Do with It? course and earn continuing education credit.
  2. Resources are available through the National Diabetes Education Program HealthSense.
  3. Learn more about diabetes and emotional health from the American Diabetes Association.
  4. New Beginnings resources from the National Diabetes Education Program provide assistance to African Americans dealing with the emotional impact of diabetes.
  5. American Indians and Alaska Natives can find resources from the National Diabetes Education Program to live a balanced life with diabetes.

Ask More

  1. People in my workplace have many misconceptions about diabetes. How can I educate them without offending them?
    Include information about diabetes in various employee communications. Information can be found at the National Diabetes Education Program.
  2. My family is my biggest source of support. I wish my workplace offered something for them.
    Invite employees and their families to a workshop about diabetes. Resources for the caregivers and loved ones of people with diabetes can be found at Family Support Resources.

Do More

  1. Hold an education session in your workplace based on the Managing Stress and Emotional Well-Being Lesson Plan or the How to Help a Loved One Cope with Diabetes.
  2. Publish information about local support groups or online support communities in your company newsletter.