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Program Activities

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A comprehensive workplace wellness program offers a variety of activities and events that encourage employees with different health profiles to participate. Even companies with limited resources can implement some of the program activities listed below, focusing on those with the greatest impact such as tobacco cessation, weight management, active lifestyles, and diabetes prevention.

Based on your research and planning, programs you offer might include:

Diabetes Prevention and Management

  • Offer diabetes education throughout the year. Lesson plans links are located on the left side of this page.
  • Publicize diabetes education messages in November during National Diabetes Month.
  • Circulate diabetes-friendly recipes and host holiday cooking demonstrations
  • Consider offering the National Diabetes Prevention Program as a covered benefit for your employees with prediabetes.

Tobacco Cessation

  • Schedule classes to help employees stop smoking
  • Feature stories in your company newsletter about employees who have kicked the smoking habit
  • Participate in the Great American Smokeout

Weight Reduction and Management

  • Offer weight reduction classes to help employees understand the effects of being overweight and learn strategies to help them lose weight
  • Sponsor healthy eating workshops and food demonstrations during March, which is National Nutrition Month
  • Offer a workshop on Healthy Eating

Physical Activity/Active Lifestyle

  • Offer onsite exercise classes.
  • Provide pedometers and offer rewards for the most miles walked
  • Organize walking or biking teams for local nonprofit fundraisers, such as the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure or the American Heart Association Heart Walk
  • Offer a workshop on physical activity

Blood Pressure Reduction

Heart Disease Prevention and Management

Give employees resources and tools from the Million Hearts Campaign or the American Heart Association and urge them to share it with someone they know who has diabetes.

Stress Reduction

  • Offer a workshop on emotional well-being for people with diabetes
  • Provide articles and other resources that discuss stress reduction on the job
  • Organize support groups for people dealing with high stress in their lives

Aids & Tools

Know More

  1. The CDC offers the Healthier Worksite Initiative to help businesses plan and implement worksite wellness.
  2. Learn more about worksite wellness and safety from the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.
  3. The Centers for Disease Control also has resources within the Total Worker Health Initiative and Workplace Health Promotion.

Ask More

  1. Do health plans offer program resources?
    Many health plans do offer program resources.  Check with the health plan used by your company to see what they offer.  Numerous resources as presented in Diabetes at Work are also available in the public domain. These resources are free and have undergone vigorous review and testing.
  2. We are a manufacturing company and cannot take time off the line for activites. What can we do?
    Consider offering programs before and after shifts or over lunch.  Online course and webinars may also be a resource employees can use.

Do More

  1. Take your efforts beyond merely promoting health and offering programs. Both the CDC’s Total Worker Health and the Healthier Worksite Initiatives offer information and resources.
  2. Learn more about worksite wellness and safety from the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.