Community Health Worker (CHW) Toolkit

CHWs are trained public health workers who serve as a bridge between communities, health care systems, and state health departments.

Resources on this page include:

  • Online courses, lessons learned, and best practices to help state health departments train and further build capacity for CHWs in their communities.
  • Training and education materials for CHWs to use within their communities.

These resources focus on state policies and laws related to CHW certification.

This section provides applied research findings and best practices in implementing, evaluating, and engaging with CHWs.

This section provides resources that could be used to train public health professionals interested in the CHW field or as a training tool or job aid to build the knowledge, skills, and abilities of CHWs focused on cardiovascular disease control.

  • Community Health Worker Training Resource
    This resource is a reference for CHWs and a curriculum that health educators, nurses, and other instructors can use to train CHWs. The sourcebook contains information and activities on heart disease and stroke and on the major risk factors for these diseases in adults. Because the sourcebook contains some technical information, it is recommended for CHWs who already have some experience in their profession. Continuing education (0.9 CEU, 9.5 CHES, and 10.0 CPH credits) are available for this course on TCOnline for the renewal period of December 31, 2016–December 31, 2018.

Download the training resource in English or Spanish:

Science-in-Briefs provide a short synopsis of newly published articles, a summary of the article findings, and how these findings might be applied to cardiovascular health promotion.

View other archived CHW Science-in-Briefs.

This section provides a list of CHW-related peer-reviewed journal articles authored and/or co-authored by DHDSP staff.


Learn more about the CHW toolkit. Watch the CDC Coffee Break Webinar pdf icon[PDF-1.8M].