Research & Reports

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Find research from CDC scientists and easy-to-read summaries of recent articles on topics related to heart disease and stroke.

View the latest research from CDC on heart disease and stroke.

Science-in-Brief: Turning Science Into Action

Science-in-Briefs provide a short, user-friendly summary of current research findings that includes what is known on the topic, what is added by the findings, and how they can be applied to the work in cardiovascular health promotion.

Journal Articles

Read journal articles from CDC researchers on heart disease, stroke, and related topics.

Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Reports (MMWRs)

MMWR is a weekly scientific publication from CDC that reports public health information and recommendations for the United States. View MMWRs related to heart disease and stroke.

The Guide to Community Preventive Services (The Community Guide)External

The Community Guide is a collection of evidence-based recommendations and findings from the Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF)–an independent, non-federal panel of public health and prevention experts whose members are appointed by the director of CDC. The Community Guide lets you know which community preventive services, programs, and other interventions have been shown to work and identifies evidence gaps where more research is needed. Learn more about CPSTF-recommended intervention approaches to prevent and control cardiovascular diseaseExternal.

Global Health Reports

CDC partners with World Health Organization to produce reports about cardiovascular disease worldwide.