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Community Health Worker (CHW) Toolkit

CDC has compiled evidence-based research that supports the effectiveness of CHWs in the Community Health Worker Toolkit. The toolkit also includes information that state health departments can use to train and further build capacity for CHWs in their communities, as well as helpful resources that CHWs can use within their communities.

Policy Resources

These resources focus on state policies and laws related to CHW certification.

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Implementation and Evaluation Resources

This section provides applied research findings and best practices in implementing, evaluating and engaging with CHWs.

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Training and Educational Resources

This section provides resources that could be used to train public health professionals interested in the CHW field or as a training tool or job aid to build the knowledge, skills and abilities of CHWs focused on cardiovascular disease control.

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Literature Summary: Science-in-Brief

This section provides a list of CHW-related Science-in-Briefs (SIBs). SIBs provide a short synopsis of newly published articles, summary of the article findings and how these findings might be applied to cardiovascular health promotion.

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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

This section provides a list of CHW-related peer-reviewed journal articles authored and/or co-authored by DHDSP staff.

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