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Access training materials and read more about the Sodium Reduction in Communities Program and the work of the communities.

Sodium Reduction in Communities Program: Outcome Evaluation Toolkit Cdc-pdf[PDF-1.7M]
This evaluation toolkit was developed using CDC’s Evaluation Framework to provide guidance and tools for anyone evaluating sodium reduction activities, especially Sodium Reduction in Communities Program awardees, to conduct effective program evaluations.

Partnering with Food Service to Reduce Sodium: A Toolkit for Public Health Practitioners Cdc-pdf[PDF-7M]External
CDC, the National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI), and Health Resources in Action (HRiA) developed this toolkit for public health practitioners. The toolkit highlights a list of strategies, case studies, tools, and resources for building new and/or enhancing existing partnerships with food service providers to reduce sodium in foods prepared, served, and sold. It aims to help public health practitioners understand the context of food service settings as well as the language and drivers of food service providers to support effective partnerships.

Sodium Reduction Toolkit: A Global Opportunity to Reduce Population-Level Sodium Intake
This toolkit provides international and national government agencies and public health organizations with a brief overview, tools, and information for developing and implementing sodium reduction programs, policies, and initiatives aimed at lowering sodium intake. The toolkit includes an introduction and 7 self-guided online modules. Available in English and Spanish.

The Sodium Reduction in Food Service resource is a compilation of tip sheets for public health professionals partnering with food service providers. The tip sheets summarize key messages and strategies highlighted in the Culinary Institute of America webinar series.

Reducing Sodium with the World’s Premier Culinary College: Training Videos for Food Service ProfessionalsExternal

The National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI), in collaboration with CDC and The Culinary Institute of America, released a new video series featuring chefs from The Culinary Institute of America. Whether you are a food service provider managing an operation, food service staff responsible for preparing delicious and healthy foods, or a public health professional working with food service providers to improve the nutritional value of foods, these videos provide valuable techniques and recipes that will enhance flavor without the sodium.

The four instructional videos highlight simple culinary strategies and techniques to reduce sodium in food service settings:

Sodium Reduction Web Forum Series

CDC and the National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI) have published three web forum series that share best practices, successes, and subject matter expertise for public health audiences collaborating with the food sector to reduce sodium. Listen and watch the archived events.

Connecting Public Health and Food Sector Collaborators
Connecting Public Health and the Food Industry
Connecting Public Health and Food Service Operators

Salt and Your State

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials hosted discussions on policy options for states and local governments to improve the nutritional content of foods, with a focus on reducing sodium.

Getting to the Source: Establishing an Independent Restaurant’s Relationship with Food Vendors and Suppliers

This video captures presentations from CDC’s 2011 Sodium Reduction in Communities Program grantee meeting. Panelists describe strategies that state and local health departments should consider when working with restaurants, vendors, and suppliers to reduce sodium in different settings. Here are some topics covered in this video:

  • Working with requests for proposals, vendor and supplier contracts, and food specifications.
  • Understanding the power of volume and group purchasing.
  • Creating consumer demand/acceptance.

Million Hearts® for Millions of Meals: Reducing Sodium in Home Delivered and Congregate MealsExternal

This webinar highlights the importance of sodium reduction in meals served to older adults, discusses meeting national recommendations for sodium intake in home delivered and congregate meals, and features a case study on successful implementation of sodium reduction strategies in the Meals on Wheels program. A discussion around working with food distributors on sodium reduction is also included.

Food in a cafeteria line.

Learn strategies and approaches for partnering with the food industry and food service providers to lower sodium in the foods and products they prepare and serve.