Stroke Systems of Care Framework: Evaluate


Collect and Use Data



It is critical to monitor, evaluate, and assess the implementation, reach, and impact of activities within each area of the Stroke Systems of Care Framework.

This important piece of the Framework allows health departments and their partners to do the following:

  • Tell your story. Conduct an evaluation to help gather the information you need to tell the story of your program’s implementation and highlight your success in achieving the desired outcomes.
  • Improve your program. Use evaluation results to make decisions about what parts of your program need to be adjusted, as well as identify any gaps or unmet needs.
  • Be accountable. Funds are limited, and supporters are more likely to continue funding if a program demonstrates the achieved effect with the funding provided.
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Health departments and their partners should work together in developing, carrying out, monitoring, and evaluating the plan. When designing and focusing the evaluation, consider:

  • The stroke care setting.
  • The key stroke care improvement and systems integration.
  • The stage of implementation.

Using your resources, select the activities to focus your evaluation or the type of evaluation approach (i.e., developmental, formative, summative) most suited to the stage of implementation. A logic model or conceptual model can illustrate how the activities put into action will contribute to the outcomes the program or project will achieve.

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