Other Data Resources

  • Global Cardiovascular InfobaseExternal
    The mission of the Infobase is to help address the epidemic of cardiovascular diseases in the developing world by providing current and reliable information. Relevant data on demographics, mortality, morbidity, risk factors, and related health care are linked to country maps and can be displayed in a variety of ways.
  • G8 Telematics ProjectExternal
    The G8 Promoting Heart Health initiative aims at disseminating best practices for implementation of cardiovascular disease preventive interventions.

    Qualitative databases, searchable with a common protocol, are being established in collaborating centers to provide ready–access to “how to” aspects of implementation and link individuals and institutions concerned with the practice of CVD prevention. The databases serve to carry out research into the identification of good practices. It is intended that access to this information will reduce developmental costs and facilitate collaboration.

  • ProCorExternal
    This moderated electronic conference is dedicated to the global cardiovascular epidemic, especially in developing countries and serves as a forum for dialogue and exchange of information.