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Map Details - Colon Cancer in Kentucky

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Impact Statement

These three maps show: 1. the population screened for colon cancer and drive times to free colorectal cancer screening sites; 2. incidence rates of colon cancer; and 3. the density of colon cancer deaths by county in Kentucky.

Colon Cancer in Kentucky


The KCCSP releases a request for proposals every two years that solicits applications from local and district health departments to implement a colorectal cancer (CRC) screening program for low-income, uninsured adults aged 50-64. Proposals are scored and awarded based on the ability of the site to provide needed services combined with a “need score” based on the rate of late stage CRC and the percentage of low-income/uninsured adults. These maps help provide a geographic context to the program’s current work and can be used as both a tool to communicate current efforts and as part of an analysis of coverage. These maps help the program further its efforts to efficiently, effectively, and equitably address colon cancer throughout the Commonwealth.


Population Screened for Colon Cancer and Drive Times to Free Colorectal Cancer Screenings – This map shows the weighted rates by county for adults aged 50 and older who reported having “ever” been screened by colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. This self-reported data comes from the Kentucky Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance (KyBRFS). This map also shows the locations of sites providing free colon cancer screenings as part of the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program (KCCSP). Local Health Departments are funded by the KCCSP to contract with colonoscopy providers in their area. Each colonoscopy provider may serve more than one county. The relative drive times to these sites are also provided.

Incidence Rates – This map depicts the age-adjusted incidence rates (per 100,000) of any stage colon cancer by county. County-level age-adjusted incidence data was acquired from the Kentucky Cancer Registry website.

Density of Colon Cancer Deaths – This map depicts the distribution of colon cancer deaths for the Commonwealth using Kentucky Vital Statistics data for 2010-2014 for individuals with primary Cause of Death of colon cancer (ICD10: C18-C19). Kernel densities were calculated for the geocoded records to show the “hot-spots” of total death distribution. As expected, these densities correlate with the natural population centers in Kentucky.

Software Used

ArcGIS 10.2.2

Data Used

KyBRFS 2012-2014; 2010-2014 KY Vital Statistics; Kentucky Cancer Registry; KY Colon Cancer Screening Program Sites

Methods Used

Choropleth map of colorectal cancer screening rates by county with 30 minute travel time buffers placed at the point mapped for free cancer screening site. Kernel densities were calculated for geocoded records to show “hot-spots” of total death distribution.

Contact the Submitter of this Map

Sarojini Kanotra, Project Director/Epidemiologist III, Kentucky Department for Public Health
(502) 564-7996

How to Cite this Map

Rock, P. and S. Kanotra. “Colon Cancer in Kentucky” [map]. February 2016. Kentucky Department for Public Health. Accessed from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Chronic Disease GIS Exchange