GIS Capacity Building Project: 2021 Highlights

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In 2021, the GIS Capacity Building Project provided GIS training to three state health departments.

Project Background

The focus of the GIS Capacity Building Project is to enhance the use of GIS within health departments to:

  • Document geographic disparities in chronic diseases.
  • Inform chronic disease policies and program development.
  • Enhance partnerships with external agencies.
  • Facilitate collaboration among chronic disease units within a health department.

Maps Created by State Health Department Staff

Health Department Staff produced many chronic disease maps during the GIS training.  Here we highlight a set of maps that demonstrate how health department staff are using their new GIS skills to address chronic disease priorities.

Click on a state to see selected maps with key messages and technical details.

State Health Departments that Participated in the 2021 GIS Capacity Building Project


Thank you to all state health department staff who participated in the program. We appreciate the opportunity to share and build GIS skills, and we hope this course has enhanced your work in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, stroke, and other chronic diseases.

  • Alabama: Saranee Dutta, Tim Feuser, Kortnei Scott, Dana Huffman
  • Georgia: Devon Sneed, Jennifer McAtee, Patsy Sarnor, Brandon Calvert
  • Mississippi: Masoumeh Karimi, Christianne Pinell-Jansen, Veronica Hernandez
  • West Virginia: Michael Shenkel, Heather Tolley, Brandon Carman, Scott Eubank
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Michele Casper, Linda Schieb, Adam Vaughan, Aspen Flynn
  • Children’s Environmental Health Initiative at University of Notre Dame: Marie Lynn Miranda, Joshua Tootoo, Ruiyang Li, Benjamin Maxson
  • National Association of Chronic Disease Directors: Miriam Patanian