Texas: Standard GIS Training

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View maps produced by staff from the Texas Department of Health for the 2019 Highlights Report, GIS Capacity Building Project. All content has been reviewed and approved by the health department.

These maps can also be found in the Chronic Disease GIS Exchange Map Gallery.

Elizabeth Harker, Danielle Hodgson, Emily Johnson, Vineetha Duddu from the Texas Department of Health

Participants from the Texas Department of Health

The following staff members participated in the GIS training. The name in bold identifies the person who served as the GIS Team Lead for this project.

  • Elizabeth Harker, Chronic Disease Epidemiology Branch
  • Danielle Hodgson, Chronic Disease Epidemiology Branch
  • Emily Johnson, Chronic Disease Epidemiology Branch
  • Vineetha Duddu, Chronic Disease Epidemiology Branch

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