Maps of Other Data

How to Make a Map of Risk Factors, Social and Economic Data, Health Care Delivery and Insurance

Step 1

Select the Map Area. Maps can be viewed in three ways, depending on your geographic area of interest:

  • A map of the entire United States with state-level data (US Map—State Level).
  • A map of the entire United States with county-level data (US Map—County Level).
  • A map of a single state with county-level data.
Select Map Area

Step 2

Choose your topic of interest and expand that section in the left navigation bar. Data are available at the following geographies.

Topic County Census Tract
Risk Factors X
Social and Economic Data X X
Health Care Delivery and Insurance X

Step 3

Expand the selection and choose the topic to display.

Social and Economic Data: To view census tract-level data, make sure you have selected a state from the drop down box in “Select Map Area,” (at the top of the left navigation bar) then check the “Show Census Tracts” box.

Show Census Tracts
Recommended Citation for Maps

This map was created using the Interactive Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke, a website developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention.