Public Policy Arenas 2 and 3

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A woman reading the newspaper.Arenas of public policy affecting CHWs include:

  • Workforce development
  • Occupational definitions and standards
  • Standards for research and evaluation
  • Sustainable funding for CHW positions



Welcome to Session 4. We will be looking at the second and third public policy arenas: occupational definitions and standards for research and evaluation of CHW programs and services.

Any conversation about recognizing the CHW as a regular occupation is likely to turn eventually to setting occupational standards. We begin this session by looking at key issues within this policy arena:

  • What influences are behind the drive for credentialing?
  • What influences oppose credentialing?
  • Where is credentialing in place? Where is it being considered?
  • What are the mechanics of credentialing for CHWs?
  • What are some features of systems currently in place?
  • What is the impact of credentialing?