Ohio Certification System (cont.)

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CHWs from the Ohio program.The Ohio certification program differs in the following ways from the Texas program:

  • Grandfathering ended after first year; only required work as a CHW “at some point”
  • RNs are allowed to delegate some nursing tasks
  • Includes a standard curriculum heavy in medical content
  • Does not include separate credentialing for instructors
  • Sets standards for quality of care by CHWs


The Ohio certification program differs in other ways from the Texas program. Although Ohio initially had a grandfathering provision, it lasted for only one year and required only that a person had worked as a CHW “at some point.”

The Ohio system closely relates CHW practice to nursing practice. Registered nurses are allowed to delegate certain nursing tasks to CHWs. There is more medical content in the Ohio standard CHW curriculum than in the Texas curriculum. Instructors do not have separate credentialing, and certain professionals, such as registered nurses, are automatically considered qualified to teach CHWs.

Perhaps most significantly, Ohio is the only state to have established standards for quality of care for CHWs. This is a feature that all states considering CHW credentialing may want to review.