CHW Job Titles

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  • Case Work Aide
  • Community Care Coordinator
  • Community Health Advisor
  • Community Health Educator
  • Community Health Promoter
  • Community Health Representative
  • Community Health Worker
  • Community Outreach Worker
  • Consejera/Animadora (counselor/organizer)
  • Environmental Health Aide
  • Family Service Worker
  • HIV Peer Counselor
  • Lactation Consultant/Specialist
  • Lay Health Advisor
  • Lead Abatement Education Specialist
  • Maternal/Infant Health Outreach Specialist
  • Neighborhood Health Advisor
  • Outreach Specialist
  • Patient Navigator
  • Peer Educator
  • Promotor (a) de Salud (health promoter)
  • Public Health Aide


These are some of the more than 60 job titles we have seen for CHWs. Various surveys have found that relatively few CHWs actually carry the job title of “community health worker.” You may be familiar with the term “promotora de salud,” or “health promoter,” which is one of the most common titles in Hispanic/Latino communities. In the next session, we will briefly discuss whether the promotora is actually a different occupation from the CHW, but it should be noted that because the term is so popular, its distinct meaning may be diluted. One anecdotal example involves a California credential called the “Certified Application Assistor.” CAAs are trained to help individuals and families apply for public benefits such as Medicaid. In one county, however, some Latina CAAs with no other qualifications have been calling themselves “promotores” because the title is familiar and respected in the community.

It may not be feasible to persuade all employers to change related job titles to “community health worker,” but simply stating in similar job descriptions that the positions are considered to be CHWs can be a significant step forward.