Promoting Policy and Systems Change to Expand Employment of Community Health Workers (CHWs)

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An E-Learning Training Series Sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention

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Welcome to the e-learning training on promoting policy and systems change to expand employment of community health workers, or CHWs. The training will provide information and suggestions you can explore in your home state. Much of the material is based on observations in several states over the past 15 years, rather than on systematic research. Because local culture and politics vary widely, there is no guarantee that the circumstances in any given state will precisely match those described in this presentation.

This series is also intended to convey the unique nature and complexity of the community health worker workforce. On completing this training, you will be equipped to deal with the range of issues and complexities you may encounter.

Systems change to expand employment of CHWs may include changes in state government policy. Any change will require adjustments in the behavior of key employers, especially in the health care sector, and no conclusive or universal map exists for bringing this about. This series, however, will help you anticipate the motivations and behaviors of various stakeholders involved in the entire spectrum of change.