Surveillance Marketing and Promotion Project

Project Name: Surveillance Marketing and Promotion Project

Project Status: Proposed

Point of Contact: John Anderton

Center: CSELS

Keywords: Surveillance, brand, identity, marketing, promotion

Project Description: The Surveillance Marketing and Promotion Project will foster awareness among CDC partners, and state, tribal, local and territorial public health officials of the new CDC surveillance initiatives. Product deliverables include advertisements in key public health journals and partner calls. These activities will market CDC surveillance branding and identity. Project activity is dependent upon obtaining required clearances. Impact – An effective marketing and promotion project will enable CDC to frame the conversation about our new surveillance initiatives and will assist CDC in managing relationships with our key audiences. The project has a potential reach to public health practitioners and medical professionals. Defining key messages will help CDC to lead the conversation about surveillance activities. N.B. Subscribers to these journals are known to overlap, thus ensuring multiple exposures to CDC messages among stakeholders.

The project will market a branded CDC surveillance image. The surveillance brand will communicate with stakeholders to increase awareness of our surveillance mission, goals, and activities. The surveillance brand will be used for traditional advertisements, videos, print materials, and other communication products. A branded surveillance identity will be established throughout the period of performance for this project, and the brand can be managed through established channels after the project is completed.

The CSELS OD Communication Office will work with the DDPHSS Surveillance Strategy leadership team to identify products and resources for promotion and marketing. The CSELS Communication Office will develop and launch key messages, graphical elements, and other brand-reinforcing materials and messages.
Measure of Success

The CSELS Communication Office will focus on activities that amplify awareness of the CDC Surveillance Strategy. We will collect and analyze ad feedback and online activity.

For more information about this project, please contact the CHIIC at or Brian Lee at

Page last reviewed: February 15, 2019