CDC Systems and Data Asset Repository (SDAR)

Project Name: CDC Systems and Data Asset Repository (SDAR)

Project Status: Proposed

Point of Contact: Tim Mawhinney

Center: OCOO

Keywords: Consolidated metadata, Asset Inventory

Project Description: This project is about exploring ways to effectively address the near and longer term IT system and data asset information needs of two separate initiatives; The CDC Integrated Surveillance Portal (CISP) and Open Data required Electronic Data Inventory (EDI) due by November 2014. The idea is that rather than continuing to deploy, populate and ultimately maintain separate databases of information about CDC’s IT systems and data, to do so in an integrated fashion and with an enterprise perspective. Toward this end, this project will help to identify best practices for representing and provisioning a single repository of IT and data asset information for separate, critical initiatives. The project will also help make clearer the longer term support requirements for such a repository, the integration paths for other mission areas, and ultimately the development of action plans for reducing other, duplicative systems at CDC.

CISP and the EDI, as well as many other CDC initiatives, have in common the need for a robust cataloging of quality information about CDC’s complex landscape of systems, data, and related resources. It can be said that the absence of such an effective repository and related disciples has contributed to the duplication of IT and data assets that exist today at the CDC. (e.g., surveillance systems)

Solution approach: The approach is to leverage the clarity of scope and timeline requirements of CISP and EDI to model, design, and develop an enabling “back-end” repository and set of API’s. To then demonstrate how this single IT and data assets repository enables both Program specific and CDC wide initiatives. Lastly, to leverage the learnings from this project to develop a roadmap for full enterprise rollout and support.

Impact: A repository that supports the CISP and EDI initiatives but also benefits the enterprise in many other ways such as paths for eliminating duplicate repositories and related efforts required to maintain the same information in multiple places. Better information for current operations, future state planning, at a reduced cost.

Scalability : This project will result in a path an enterprise resources that supports each C/I/O maintaining critical information about their IT and data assets, which is then available for enterprise purposes.

Measure of success : A working solution that serves CISP and Open Data needs and also provides a basis for a true enterprise resource.

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